Due to cost constraints, the rooms we use in the Museum are only open for us about twice a month, generally the second and fourth Friday, from 7:30 pm. This is not a hard and fast rule because the Museum has other users of the rooms.


In 2015, the rooms will be open for our use on the following Fridays:

January 9th and 23rd 2015
February 13th and 27th 2015
March 13th and 27th 2015
April 10th and 24th 2015
May 8th and 22nd 2015
June 12th and 26th 2015
July 10th and 24th 2015
August 28th 2015
September 11th and 25th 2015
October 9th and 23rd 2015
November 13th and 27th 2015
December 11th 2015

This item was updated on the 1st August 2015


Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, August 2015

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