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30th November 2010

Roman Shoes from Tollgate Farm


The shoes and other pieces of shoe leather that we found in the well last year and early this year have returned from the conservators, and you can find more information about them, as well as many fine pictures, here. We have included several of the shoes in our museum display (see below).

27th November 2010

Museum Display

Over the last few weeks, members of the Society have been preparing a display for the Archaeology Gallery in the Potteries Museum. Finally, on Thursday 18th November, it was ready. We removed our previous, "50th Anniversary" display and replaced it with our new one.


The title of the display is "Plumbing the Depths - Excavation of a Roman Well".
In the foreground are several of the Roman shoes (see news item above) found in the well.  The shoes are extremely rare, and are probably the finest examples ever found in the Midlands in such quantities. With these are the large pot in and around which many of the shoes were found, a box-wood comb, one or two other pottery fragments, and the silvered ring found further up the well.
The bones displayed above the shoes are those of a small cow, found without legs at a depth of around 6.5 metres. Much (but not all) of the leather, and the large pot, were found below this level. We finally reached a depth of around 7.5 metres.

The curved back of the display represents the side of the well, showing structural timbers which were also found. The picture to the right is an artist's impression of how the building that contained the well may have looked in the 1st or 2nd Century AD.

For more pictures, see the Roman Shoes Gallery, and the Tollgate Farm 2009 and 2010 annual summaries.

27th November 2010


Tollgate Farm


I have now added reviews of years 2008 and 2009 (we did not work at Tollgate in 2007), and an interim review of 2010. The latter includes a couple of pictures of leather, including some shoes - expect to see more soon!


15th November 2010




Change of Web Keeper


After doing all the hard work creating this website and looking after it for a few years, Alex has passed stewardship to me, John. I don't at the moment call myself a Webmaster, rather a Web Apprentice. There might be some more info here.


Tollgate Farm


We are aware that we have not been keeping you up-to-date with progress at Tollgate Farm nor with its current status. Briefly, the well has had to be closed for safety, and all our excavations on the site have ceased. However, before closure many wonderful things emerged from the well and I will soon be updating these pages to reflect this. Also expect to see the gaps in the sequence of annual summaries filled.




After ceasing work at Tollgate, we were asked to help the Colton History Society follow up a suggestion arising from a historical report which they had had commissioned. The report highlighted some areas in the village which might benefit from archaeological investigation, and they suggested that we may like to carry out a resistivity survey and possibly a trial excavation. More on this here.


9th November 2010


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