Friday January 12th

“The Battle of Manzikert”

(a late change to the previously-announced programme)

by Philip Murgatroyd

The Battle of Manzikert was in what is now Turkey, in 1071. The Byzantines were defeated by the Seljuks. It is considered to be one of the root causes for the later Crusades: the West saw Manzikert as a signal that Byzantium was no longer capable of being the protector of Eastern Christianity, or of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Places in the Middle East.
Dr Murgatroyd is the Project and Modelling Manager for the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences at Bradford University. He has stepped in at the last minute at the request of his colleague Vince Gaffney, who has had to rearrange a working visit to Callanish, which means that he will be in the Outer Hebrides next Friday. It is hoped that Prof. Gaffney will be able to give us his talk later in the year.


Friday January 26th

“The Alderley Edge Landscape Project”

by John Prag


Friday February 9th

“Life on a floodplain - Archaeological works at Branston Road, Tatenhill, Staffs”

by Tim Cobbold


Friday February 23rd

“An update on recent archaeology within the city of Stoke-on-Trent”

by Jon Goodwin


Friday March 9th

“The Dorstone Hill Project”

by Julian Thomas


Friday March 23rd

“An evening of experimental archaeology”

with Peter Groom


Titles may vary slightly due to preferences of the speakers.

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Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society,7th January 2018
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