Geophysics survey in Buxton July 2014


In 2013, SOTMAS were asked to carry out a geophysics survey in part of the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton. It was hoped that we may discover evidence for Roman occupation in this area, which is not far from St Ann's Well, where some signs of a Roman Bathhouse have been found in the past. Unfortunately, weather conditions prevented us from doing the survey that year, but this year (2014) they were more suitable and we performed the survey on Saturday 26th July.

Buxton resistivity
Resistivity survey in the Pavilion Gardens (click to enlarge)

We also took the opportunity to display some of the finds from our Roman dig at Tollgate Farm.

What did we find here?


Drains, mainly. But there is a suggestion in the data of what may be foundations of a building, and/or a rectangular ditch. For more pictures, views of the survey data, and more detailed interpretation of our results, read our report here. The survey was managed and supervised, and the report written, by our Dig Director Winston Hollins.


Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, August 2014

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