Trentham Gardens Ice House


On the 10th April, we carried out a magnetometry survey over and around the remains of an ice house which had recently been discovered in Trentham Gardens during work to restore some of Capability Brown's 18th Century landscape.

Clearance of rhododendrons and trees revealed this brickwork:

Ice house wall

The Estate think that this is part of an ice house which was shown on estate plans before and after Capability Brown's transformation of the gardens. Here is a diagram of a typical ice house taken from a 19th Century gardening encyclopaedia :

Ice House diagram

To read more about our survey and its result go to our Trentham Gardens page, where you can also see pictures of the site and find out more about ice houses and the Trentham Estate's Capability Brown project.

24th April 2016

Bury Bank Survey


On the 6th March, a small team of SOTMAS members undertook a survey of the Bury Bank hillfort, north of Stone. Earlier this year Professor Gary Lock gave us a very interesting talk about the Hillforts Atlas Project which he is involved in. This talk inspired us to carry out a survey of our own on a Staffordshire hillfort. You can read about our survey here. Here is a photo taken on the day, as we measured the length of the hillfort using a measuring tape - click on it for a bigger picture




28th March 2016

Society Rooms Opening Dates 2016


We are now able to announce the full list of Fridays in 2016 when our rooms in the Museum are open for our use. On some of these days we will have a lecture (see below). When there is no lecture, we will be doing post-excavation work, planning future surveys and excavations etc. Our extensive library of history and archaeology-related books will be open on all these dates.


7th February 2016


Buxton Excavation Report

The full report of our survey and excavation in a small area of Buxton's Pavilion Gardens is now available on our Buxton 2015 page. You can also download it here.


19th January 2016


New Year/Spring 2016 Lecture Programme


Our New Year Lecture Programme for 2016 is now available. This gets under way in January with an old friend of the Society, Professor Gary Lock, coming to update us on progress with his Hillforts mapping project. Then in February, Arthur Wilson will be telling us about a Bronze Age cairn on Eyam Moor, which has been named after him. Also in February, Christian Hoggard's talk is about Neanderthals "north of the Watford Gap". In March, Rachael Hall speaks to us about Project Nightingale and the discovery of a hoard of Roman and Iron Age coins in a cave in Dovedale. In April, Joe Perry, assistant Collections Officer at Buxton museum, will talk to us about the 'Collections in the Landscape' project relating finds in the field to museum collections. The last talk in the set, also in April, is by Kerry Fletcher, Heritage Development Officer based in Middlewich. She has been involved with a community dig uncovering Roman remains in Middlewich. Read more detail, and the full set of dates here.


16th December 2015


The Buxton excavation ends


Our time at Buxton has run out - we have spent two long weekends, a total of 6 days, excavating this one trench in the Pavilion Gardens. We have, we think, interested and entertained many visitors to the Gardens and given them an understanding of how an archaeological investigation proceeds. In turn, we have gained much useful publicity, and hopefully a few new members. Unfortunately, we have not found any evidence of Roman occupation. Due to the nature and depth of the levelling layers put down by the Victorians, we did not have enough time to reach down to where the Romans might have been. Maybe at another visit? We all hope so, as we very much enjoyed our time here. My final picture shows a groundsman's tractor being used to squeeze the spoil into the hole! For more pictures, and a blow-by-blow account of the excavation, go to our Buxton 2015 page.


Squeeze it in

11th August 2015

Closure of the Coxbank Farm dig for this season


We have finished the dig at Coxbank Farm for the time being, as we needed to move on to Buxton, followed we hope by Mucklestone. The intriguing feature which we have been investigating at Coxbank this year has unfortunately not fully revealed itself. We do not really know what it is. It may in fact be two features from different periods, one intersecting the other. We are hoping that we may get some answers when we excavate some adjacent areas next season. In the meantime, I leave you with the last picture of the dig this year. For more pictures, in a week-by-week account of our progress, see our Coxbank 2015 page.


Final day team


7th August 2015

Autumn 2015 Lecture Programme


Lectures for our Autumn season have now been arranged. Some names may be familiar, but be assured that all the talks are new and will be right up to date with current archaeological knowledge. Deb Klemperer will be telling us about what we know from ongoing research into the Staffordshire Hoard. Professor Colin Richards will return to give us an insight into his work on Easter Island. We have Ray Johnson who will be showing film from the Potteries' past, with an archaeological slant. Daryl Garton will be bringing along her Peak District experience and talking about her involvement with Ice Age Journeys and Dr. Chris Harrison will be giving the Thelma Lancaster Memorial Lecture on 'The Medieval Mind'. Here are the dates for your diary. Note that the AGM will be held in the museum rooms at 7.30 pm on Friday September 25th.


3rd August 2015

Stop Press - Meeting rooms not open 14th August

Regrettably, our rooms will not be open on the 14th August - no security staff will be available that evening. Next meeting: 28th August


1st August 2015


Excavation in Buxton Pavilion Gardens


Today, 31st July 2015, we started to excavate the first of two 2m square trenches in the area of the Pavilion Gardens where we did the survey last year. Follow our progress on this Buxton excavation 2015 page. As you can see in the photo below, we attracted a lot of attention!

Trowelling to large audience

Intriguing features at Cox Bank Farm


Intruiging features


We have found what appears to be another trough associated with this burnt mound. We have not really found the true edges of it yet, so its orientation is uncertain. However, we seem to have a lump of clay across its southern end, and what may be a stone-lined dewpond at the northern end.  Follow our progress in 2015's dig diary.


2nd July 2015

Reminder: Society trip to Sutton Park on Saturday 27th June

Members are reminded that the Society is being given an all-day guided tour of Sutton Park on Saturday 27th June 2015. Sutton Park is a National Nature Reserve as well as being a Scheduled Ancient Monument with evidence of human occupation from prehistoric times onwards. There is information about it here: Sutton Park.
The walk will be led by Dr Mike Hodder, until recently Birmingham City Council's Planning Archaeologist and author of The Archaeology of Sutton Park (The History Press, 2013). The morning walk will be in the south-west of the park and will include one of the burnt mounds, military practice trenches and targets, the Roman road, and an 18th century mill pool. The morning walk will be the longest one, so Dr Hodder has asked for everyone to arrive promptly for the 10.30 start. The afternoon walk will be in the south-east and will include earthworks of the medieval deer park, a fishpond, woodland enclosures and sawpits. The aim is to finish the afternoon walk around 4.30. The walks will be mainly on rough paths, which may be muddy in places, so heavy shoes or trainers etc are advisable. There will be no shelter on the route, so clothing suitable for our English summer will be necessary. There will be a break for lunch between 1.00 and 2.30. There is a pub. We have been advised that it would be best to reserve tables in advance. The plan is for members to use their own transport and to meet at the Boldmere Gate, B73 6LH, on the south side of the Park at 10.30. There are some more details in the email from our Secretary on 2nd June.

20th June 2015

Excavation at Cox Bank Farm


Coxbank 2015 after one trowelling pass


We are now well into this year's excavation at Cox Bank Farm, investigating further features associated with the Bronze Age Burnt Mound which we were working on in previous years. We have identified a number of promising-looking anomalies on the magnetometry survey map, and we intend to investigate some of these. The intriguing feature which we got sight of at the end of last year's excavation will also get some attention, in the hope that we can identify it. We are also hopeful of finding more of the pot which we found a large sherd of in 2013. Follow our progress in 2015's dig diary.


17th May 2015

Tollgate Farm Samian Ware


One of the specialists who is studying the pottery we found on this Roman site has provided us with a taster of what is to come in her full report on the Samian ware. This taster is in the form of a date distribution graph which suggests when the site was vacated. You can see the graph on our new Tollgate Farm Reports page here.

In her notes on the graph, she draws attention to one vessel which was imported from Gaul. There is more about this on the Reports page, but here is a picture of the piece, which we excavated in 2003. Click on it for a larger view.

Samian beaker from Lezoux ca 120-140AD

16th March 2015

The Society's Constitution


We are making available on this site for the first time, a transcript of the Society's Constitution. This is a manuscript document, first written in 1964, which records the way we run the Society. A formally controlled document, it contains 29 numbered sections, many of which have been amended several times. Every amendment is dated, and the document is now as a result of all the amendments, somewhat difficult to comprehend. The transcript, which contains only the latest version of every section (as at December 2014), is now available as a pdf file, and you can download it from the new Constitution page (which you can also reach from the main menu via the About page). The pdf will be replaced as and when any further amendments are agreed, and a note made on the Constitution page.


3rd February 2015


The news which previously appeared on the rest of this page related to 2014, and can now be found by following the "More News" link below. Details of all the fieldwork and reports mentioned there can be found via the "Fieldwork and Trips" menu, above.



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